After graduating from the Law Faculty of the University of Bucharest (bachelor’s degree, year of 2009, and master’s degree in „Advanced Private Law”, year of 2010), I have been practicing law for eight years in Romanian, English and French.

Despite inherent difficulties, these eight years have given me, overall, the perfect opportunity to progress. Although, considering the real problems the world of law is facing, it is considered as one of the most difficult of legal professions, responsible law practice means evolving: helping your clients means not only being up to date with all the legal news, but also to always ask yourself questions, to look for solutions even outside office hours and to permanently use your imagination.

Also, beyond the specific professional development, these eight years have been an intensive training in perfecting the organizing ability (at all levels), in creating the perfect mixture between thoroughness and pragmatism, as well as in refining the ability to adapt to any environment, situation or personality.

Therefore, I can only be happy for the opportunity to evolve and to continue to accept challenges.