Criminal Law

The experience acquired in lawsuits of most various complexity levels, including case files of hundreds and even thousands of pages, made us be fully aware of the uniqueness of every case and, most importantly, of the crucial importance for the Customer.

From the lawyer’s perspective, in order to be able to ensure a full and efficient defense, it is essential that you present to us (correctly and fully) your situation as soon as possible from the moment the accusation was presented to you.

Therefore, we recommend to not hesitate in contacting us in order to be able to help you really exercise the rights provided by the law.

Commercial and Corporate Law

Considering the many branches of law, most of them in a continuous and alert legislative development, incidental in a trader’s activity, it is beyond any doubt that she/he must be the most responsible of the contributors to society.

From obtaining legal personality to its cease and from internal organization to relationships with co-contractors and with public authorities and institutions, the tradesman must benefit from permanent and high-quality legal services: clear, pragmatic and always responsible.

Representing, along the years, from „unipersonal” professionals to groups of societies, we have created and developed an efficient working method meant to satisfy all the rigors mentioned above: clarity, pragmatism and thoroughness.

In conclusion, any problem you face or might face, we invite you to contact us for the optimal solution.

Administrative Law

The experience acquired in the branches of law grouped under the general umbrella of administrative proceedings, experience obtained in trials analyzed by courts of all levels, helps us in solving customers’ problems from all angles given the often general, and therefore delicate implications of raised issues.

It’s common knowledge that administrative law is an inegalitarian one and the public party is protected not only by the law (e.g.: prior complaint procedure or appeal as the only means of attack), but also by some case-law opinions.

Our recommendation is to require a specialized point of view ever since the occurrence of the issue in relation to the public entity since the terms of attacking administrative documents (often abusive or illegal) are generally very short.

Labor Law

The primary characteristic of the employment relationship is the subordination of the employee to the employer. These obligations, however, correspond to numerous rights granted to the employee by a series of legal acts.

The experience gained by representing both sides revealed a reality that must be acknowledged at general level: although having discovered or created enough already, employers are in a continuous search for legal levers to settle in their favor the disputes generated by employment relationships with undesirable employees.

Therefore, our invitation is to not leave unsanctioned any injustice from your employer or superior, since it can create a crack in the work relationship that you are part of, a crack that can expand and even offer a winning cause, eventually, to your employer.

Protection of personal data

Established in 2016 and entering into force on the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will be applied directly within European Union.

It confirms a series of rights (most of them preexistent) concerning natural persons whose data are processed and presents from a new angle the obligations of personal data operators, especially from the point of view of the sanctions for breaching those obligations, sanctions established depending on the turnover.

As a result, in case your activity involves processing (therefore obtaining) of personal data (clients, employees or natural persons in a legal relationship with you), we invite you for a talk regarding the obligations imposed by GDPR and the ways to comply with it.

Consumer Law

When, as natural person, you sign on the „dotted line” in order to obtain something for private use, you enter the field of consumer law. The relation you become part of can be with immediate (buying goods) or successive execution (acquisition of services provided to you over several months or years), it can be a very important one (bank loans) or less important (a less expensive device), it can be generated by the actual signing of a document or by accepting an offer found online or even received by text message on your phone.

Since you only have the possibility to accept (or not) the contractual terms imposed by a professional, the law intervenes to your favor, censoring any illegal behavior of the co-contractor. Abusive clauses can be found not only in the loan contracts concluded with banks, but also in any adhesion contract signed with a commercial entity.

Our recommendation is to have a specialist analyze all contracts of importance to you, since they can contain not only provisions granting a (unjustified) superiority of the professional, but also illegal provisions that might have a financial effect on you.

European Protection of Human Rights

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms represents the last refuge for those who, at national level, suffered from breaching of their fundamental rights as provided by ECHR and additional protocols (e.g. the complaint was treated with derision, the cause was not really listened to or all those representing the state authority claimed they didn’t have the competence to solve your problem).

However, the procedure for the European Court of Human Rights involves a certain degree of responsibility from the complainant who must take into consideration the fact that the file must be rigorously analyzed (in full) by reference to the huge quantity of case-law of the Strasbourg Court and the 6 months deadline (4 months, when Protocol No. 15 will enter into force) since the moment it will have gone through all of the remedies provided by Romanian legislation.

Therefore, since formulating a successful complaint usually involves a lot of effort, we recommend, in case you want to appeal to ECHR, that you contact us as soon as possible from the moment you will have exhausted all avenues provided by Romanian law.


It is worth mentioning that, during the past 8 years, we have acquired experience in other fields as well. Therefore, among other things,

– we assisted and represented natural persons in family matters,

– we took the appropriate necessary administrative steps to changing the name and/or first name,

– we represented claimants and defendants in files based on various branches of pure civil law,

– we ensured assistance and representation in litigations arising from infringement of image rights,

– we defended citizen rights in the field of both labor and social security law,

– we took the necessary steps for the licensing of non-banking financial institutions,

– in addition to companies, we established associations, as well, among which a football club with tens of members,

– we represented associations of property owners in various legal relations, from those with their own members to those with public authorities/institutions and with the real estate developer,

– we represented medical offices in malpractice cases,

– we brokered relations between policy holders and insurers compelled to pay compensations,

– we successfully defended debtors ongoing enforcement proceedings for time-barred claims,

– we carried out some of the most various procedures for debt collection,

– we represented foreign citizens (Belgium, Holland, Israel, Italy) in settling matters occurring in or in connection to Romania etc.